The Inn Welcome to The Inn at Tough City

The Inn At Tough City is a compelling mosaic of people, great food and attitude. Constructed using repurposed material collected from around the world, including stained-glass windows from as far away as Scotland and over 45,000 red bricks harvested from Gastown in Vancouver, ours is as unique a building as you’ll find anywhere in Tofino.

Nestled on the water’s edge of town, looking into the mystic expanse of Clayoquot Sound, our dining room serves top quality sushi using the freshest fish you may ever have. Our rooms, each unique, spacious and quiet, boast amazing views, with large soaker tubs, hardwood floors and fresh clean linens to keep you feeling cozy and warm throughout your stay.

Beyond all the fascinating memorabilia, interesting artifacts and recycled materials, what really makes The Inn feel like a home away from home are the people. Roughly 20 years ago “Crazy Ron” and Johanna Vanderkley had the idea to transform the waterfront lot into a place where guests and staff could enjoy an experience that was both relaxing and exciting. Far from the rigid and uptight air of a resort or chain hotel, ours is a truly home-style environment.

Playful, honest and a little bit like staying at your crazy but favourite uncle’s house on vacation, the energy at The Inn is one of family. From our big, friendly, furry gatekeeper, King, to the staff who return year after year, we want you to treat our place as if it were your own. Enjoy a drink, have a great meal and then go in any direction you choose! We’re here to make it all happen.



Great Rates

Starting from $199 per night

Our Rooms Check out our offers below

  • Room 1 - Two Twin Beds

    $229- $299
  • Room 2 - Queen Size Bed

    $229 - $299
  • Room 3 -

    King Size Bed

    $199 - $279
  • Room 4 - Queen Size Bed

    $259 - $309
  • Room 5 - Queen Size Bed

    $259- $309

  • Room 6 - King Size Bed

    $199 - $279
  • Room 7 - Queen Size Bed

    $209 - $299
  • Room 8 - Two Twin Beds

    $209 - $299
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Sushi at Tough City Tofino’s Authentic Sushi Bar


Our Menu Sample from our Delicious Sushi Bar

Nestled on the water’s edge of town, facing into the mystic expanse of Clayoquot Sound, our restaurant serves top quality sushi using the freshest fish you may ever have. Our eclectic dining room is put together with artifacts from around the world, including vintage Japanese memorabilia, hand-crafted war-era model planes, comic books, rescued stained-glass windows and wood beams repurposed from renovated buildings in Vancouver’s Old Town.

Our extensively trained sushi chefs have built a menu that features classic maki sushi and modern takes on popular sushi rolls and dishes. Whether you’re a sushi novice or a guest with a penchant for wasabi, our chefs have you covered.

Appetizers & Sides

Miso Soup
With tofu, fried tofu, nori and green onions$5.25
Young green soybeans, steamed or in spicy sauce$8.75
Agedashi Tofu
Deep fried with tempura sauce$12.95
Yakitori Bowl
Deluxe Chicken breast & veggies on rice$19.95
Chicken Kara-Age
Deep-fried chicken wings – spicy, teriyaki honey garlic or sweet thai sauce$17.95
Tuna Kara-Age
Deep-fried tuna – spicy, teriyaki honey garlic or sweet thai sauce$16.95

Sushi Rolls

T.C. Honour Roll
Tuna, salmon,  scallop, prawn, avocado, cucumber & masago$21.95
Negitoro Roll
Tuna Belly & Green Onion$7.95
California Orange Roll
Crabmeat & Avacado rolled in Masago (smelt roe)$8.95
Futomaki Roll
Shitake mushrooms, tamago (egg) spinach, cucumber & avocado$8.95
West Coast Roll
Cold smoked sockeye, spinach, avocado & cream cheese  topped with honey dill dressing$16.75

Tempura Rolls

Dynamite Roll
2 Tempura Prawn, avocado, cucumber & masago$15.50
Island Roll
Spicy scallop, salmon, cucumber & avocado$16.75
Unagi Roll
Tempura Smoked eel, cucumber & sweet sauce$14.95
Westerly Roll
Salmon avocado roll with tempura tamago on top$14.25
Smiling Buddha Roll
Tuna & avocado, breaded & topped with tropical fruit & sauces$22.50

Our Location 350 Main Street, Tofino BC